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This Web site provides various Java documentation converted to Windows Help format.

WinHelp and HtmlHelp systems provides a structured table of contents, a complete index, and a full-text search feature. Don't remember the parameters of StringBuffer.replace() ? Just type 'replace' in the index, and you get it in a snap. Alternatively, you can browse the table of contents tree to find the StringBuffer class methods. All the documentation is packaged in a single CHM file, and is instantly available, even if you're offline.

It saves me hours of API browsing. I hope it will be the same for you.
This website will no longer be updated and remains online as a memory of the ancient times, when browsing online documentation was a pain.
Have a look at the screenshots below to get an idea of what the J2SE 5.0 API documentation looks like. HTMLHelp window labels are in French on these images, but on your own machine they will be displayed using the language parameters of your system.
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Unix or MacOS users, xCHM may help you to use HTMLHelp documentation on your machines.

The documentation you want is not here ? Check Javadoc To CHM, a Python script that generates Microsoft HTML Help projects files from a Javadoc documentation. A great tool written by André Burgaud.

See also javadoc2chm by Jan Bareš, another very nice, simple and efficient conversion tool which translates Javadoc documentation to Microsoft Compiled HTML Help file (*.chm).

Note for the curious: The documents available here are not generated by one of these tools, but by a bunch of home brewed Java code.

Download Help Files
Installation instructions
Sorry, no fancy setup. Just create a directory wherever you want on your hard disk, in which you will uncompress the zip file. That's all. To start the help file, double-click the .chm file, and you're done.

You can create a shortcut to the CHM file and put it in the Start menu or on your desktop to have instant access to the documentation. You may then change the shortcut icon to the one provided.

WARNING about running help files from a network drive
In most cases, you can't run CHM files from a network drive: a registration is required since Microsoft issued a security patch for Microsoft Internet Explorer, disabling in general all HTML Help files that are viewed from a network drive.
To register the CHM files, and thus starting them from a network drive, you can use HelpMaker CHM Register, a nice free tool from Visacc, the authors of HelpMaker, a free WinHelp and HTMLHelp authoring system.
Alternatively, EC Software provides HHReg, a free HTML Help registration utility.
Copyrights and Redistribution policy
Original HTML documentation are Copyright Oracle and/or its affiliates, all rights reserved, and are available at Oracle Java site.

This software is free. Permission to use, copy, and distribute this software for non-commercial purposes via the Internet without fee is hereby granted. Permission is not granted for any distribution in the form of CD-ROM. Please for more information.

Oracle documentation redistribution policy is applicable to these documents. See this page for more information.
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Document Format Last update File size Download links
J2SE 8 documentation  HTMLHelp Mar. 20,2014 44 Mb Link
J2SE 7 documentation  HTMLHelp Aug. 31,2011 43 Mb Link
J2SE 6 documentation  HTMLHelp Jun. 23,2008 54 Mb Link
J2SE 5.0 Documentation  HTMLHelp Oct. 10,2004 41 Mb Link
J2SE 1.4.2 Documentation  HTMLHelp Jul. 3,2003 34 Mb Link
JDK 1.3.1 Documentation  HTMLHelp Mar. 7,2002 23 Mb Link
JDK 1.1.8 Documentation  WinHelp Apr. 16,1999 2.6 Mb Link
The Java Tutorial (July 20, 2011 edition)  HTMLHelp Aug. 31,2011 54 Mb Link
Java Enterprise Edition 5 API Documentation  HTMLHelp Feb. 7,2007 5.1 Mb Link
The Java Enterprise Edition 5 Tutorial  HTMLHelp Feb. 6,2007 6.9 Mb Link
Java 2 Enterprise Edition 6 API Documentation and Tutorial  HTMLHelp Jan. 7,2010 8 Mb Link